Beery Internet Resources

Beery Internet Resources

Following the last post about some of my favorite book resources, I wanted to share some of my go-to beer related internet resources. These are hubs I regularly visit to keep me informed about topics ranging from industry news, beer education and entertaining forum trolls.


Michael Kiser and his team produce some of the best original content out there. I really enjoy the way he provides a behind the scenes peek at the industry, focusing less on the actual beer but more on the people who are an integral part of the craft beer industry’s past, present and future.

He uses multiple platforms to achieve this as well. The website features insightful stories and strong photography to compliment them. His podcast provides interviews with industry insiders, which is a nice change up from the usual beer podcasts which are centered around reviewing and analyzing the product. Social media is used to provide engaging content with interesting opinions on developments in the industry.

Over the recent years I’ve become a fan of artisanal coffee and his concept of Uppers and Downers–A movement centered on embracing and innovating the relationship between coffee and beer has only endeared me more to his mission and cause.


This was the first if not one of the first websites I stumbled across when I starting seeking further information about the beer I was drinking in that moment. The quest to become a more educated consumer kept on driving me back to this site .

This has been and continues to be a great resource for me. Initially I used it as a resource to identify some of the flavors I was experiencing in the beer. In the early days I was unable to pinpoint a lot of these due to my lack of knowledge about how beer is made. Starting to homebrew has certainly help me in this endeavor but I do still like to compare my tasting notes with the reviews from other beeradvocates to help validate that I’m on the right track.

The Beer Temple

Chris Quinn has a passion for craft beer like very few I have seen. After watching a video review I stumbled upon on iTunes, I could tell it was not the run of the mill analysis of a bottle of beer.

He speaks with gusto, authority and uses a tremendous vocabulary. He analyzes the beer in a manner which is both entertaining and educational. The descriptors used go beyond the usual “it smells like ____________ hops” or “it tastes roasty.” He goes one step further by providing extra layers of information which really helps the viewer understand the sensory experience of that beer.

This has been a great resource in not only learning about recent latest beer releases but improving my vocabulary and I look forward to visiting his bottle shop next time I’m in Chicago.

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